The diary I never thought I will write

28 October, 2018
by admin
August 2nd, 2018 That day did not start well. I barely got to the bus stop that is located maybe 500 meters from my house? A quick march, accompanied by bouncing off roadside signs, cars, walls and more frequent panicky attempts to catch balance, ended up with breathlessness and dizziness stronger than ever. I leaned against the bus stop post and thought, “I think I have to sit down, something is really …”. Darkness. “Hey, buddy, are you all right?” – the sound from a distance was barely breaking through the screeching noise in my ears. Darkness. ‘Hey, have you had a hard night, pal?’ I barely opened my eyes, the world was spinning. ‘Are you taking the 44?’ … I think I managed to say ‘yes’ because two men picked me up from the ground and pushed me into the bus before I could compose myself to the point where I could say that I was in trouble and in need of medical attention. It’s horrifying, by the way, that someone can just assume that the man lying at the bus stop = he is probably drunk and just needs some help to pick himself up. And what if […]
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